The Territory

Five different areas, different landscapes, history, traditions, wine and food, this is the strength of our territory.

The plain around the town of Alessandria is surrounded by Monferrato gentle hills, of particular importance in the South where the Apennines start, separating our region from Liguria region.

The attraction of our valley, the richness of the vegetation and its streams, the important historical and artistic heritage made of monuments, thousand year-old castles (many of which are open to the public), Romanesque churches, personalities whose name and fame are inseparable from our land (Federico Barbarossa, Napoleon and, last but not least, Fausto Coppi). For all these aspects, during the years, appealing public performances and events have been held, from medieval reconstructions of Cassine and Piovera (Forum Fulvii – roman period), to «Vignaledanza», festival with music, local product promotions.

For the schedule of the events ,and detailed tourist information about the province of Alessandria please see

Agriturismi nell'alessandrino

Our products

Wine is our flagship product, known all over the world. Alessandria province wine list is complete: dry white wines (especially Gavi docg), structured red wines (Barbera del Monferrato), fragrant and sweet wines (Brachetto d'Acqui docg and Asti docg). Our land is highly fertile; many are the fruits of this area: Tortona strawberries and Volpedo peaches, Castellazzo Bormida beetroot, Borbera Valley beans, Piedmont quality beef meats, recently rediscovered old chesses (Montebore and Robiola di Roccaverano dop). These products are ideal for rich and varied cooking, feather in the cap of our holiday farms.

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