DOP-IGP System

The DOP-IPG system is Italian agriculture main asset, placing emphasis on our product quality, on "taste" rather than on "high productivity".

With this system customers are sure to have "original" products, the best of Italian food and farming sector.
According to Agriturist recent research, Customers however still have little knowledge of it: only one in ten knows what IGP means and one in five what DOP means.

For this reason Agriturist and Confagricoltura, bringing in the contribution of Agricultural and Forestry policies, launched several information campaigns.

This year once again, Agriturist together with Confagricoltura promote designation of origin products.

In addition, with the contribution of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry policies, Agriturist promotes special information campaigns during main exhibitions and events and through its press services.

With (EC) Commission regulation no. 628/2008 of 2 July 2008, the European Union rectified a clear communication error: DOP brand name, by mistake exactly alike IGP brand name (except for the writing inside it); now has changed and is easily recognizable for red external toothed circumference and inner circle (previously it was blue coloured); the yellow colour of the intermediate round crown is unchanged, with the writing "Protected Designation of Origin".

To have the full picture, by region and production sector, of DOP and IGP acknowledged specialities see the website

il marchio DOP

DOP brand name

il marchio IGP

IGP brand name

Protected Designation of origin

It indicates agricultural foodstuff specialities that are strictly «linked» to a given territory, by history, origin of the ingredients, traditional preparation and packaging. Each step of the production process, defined by production regulations, is carried out in the area of origin. Producer compliance with the requirements is certified by an Inspection body.

Protected geographical indication

It indicates agricultural foodstuff specialities that include one or more production process significant steps (not all of them like DOP designation) taking place in a given geographical area. Also for this designation, production regulations are well defined and compliance is certified by an Inspection body.

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