Educational Farms

What are educational farms

Educational farms represent a track of agricultural and holiday farms, suitably equipped to carry out training activities for people interested to go deeper into rural areas, especially students and organized groups. Farms therefore become active pedagogical settings, based on a learning practical vision, observation and discovery, allowing visitors to get to know agricultural world different aspects, such as economic, technological, cultural and environmental activities.

Educational Farms are unexpected natural laboratories and active pedagogical settings complementing the school. Teachers can use them for their educational purposes and they are also the opportunity to take boys and girls on a journey to discover the countryside. Here they will learn how food originates and the connection between agricultural products and nutrition, reassessing in so doing farmer social role.

Within the Educational Farm, farmers have a very important role in the learning process, since they embody agricultural world practice, culture and history.

Fattorie didattiche Piemonte

Bausone Maria Teresa Farm Business

The tree and me. A two-stage journey including the town, the countryside and the river, to learn more about the trees closest to us. We will define the reasons of their selection together with the basics for proper upkeep.

Gulminetti Maria Carla Farm Business

Our farm lies in Tortona gentle hills, it covers 6 hectares of vineyard with good exposure and 2 hectares of mixed orchard where fragrant fruits are picked ripe and directly marketed.

Tinelli Farm Business

Fruit harvesting and storing, Taste laboratory, From flower to fruit, Go hunting the insects in the orchard, Journey to the discovery of insect amazing world, The history of seed.

La Capanna Farm Business

We welcome everybody as if they were friends, detailing our farm history. Hospitality is the essence of peasant culture and we hold this practice very dear to our hearts.

La Raia Farm Business

La Raia lies at the heart of Novi Ligure hills. It covers more than 100 hectares of land: chestnut and acacia woods, a small lake, hills with vineyards, cultivated fields.

Marenco Farm Business

The love for our work, for land and nature brought us to spend a portion of our time teaching about environmental awareness, with the aim to create a balance between human beings and agricultural environment.

Ranch Campreia Farm Business

Ranch Campreia ("Stone field") is a farm where animals live in freedom, respect each other and… "love each other!".

Gabiano Castle

Located at the foot of the Alps, one and a half hour away from Genoa and Milan, one hour away from Alba and only 30 minutes away from Turin, Gabiano Castle is a well-kept secret.

La Pederbona Livestock Farm Business

The visit allows to understand how men and animals are reciprocally essential for our farm production process.

Beneficio Farmhouse

Main purpose of school groups coming to visit our Farm must be to spend a day in full contact with nature and animals.

Giovanola Farmhouse

Visiting our farm you will take a walk in the surrounding fields and woods, in a healthy and unpolluted environment..

Nuova Farmhouse

The project is intended for pre-school children, little considered so far for the several, interesting and exciting events organized by the network of services to enhance childhood culture.

La Federica Farmhouse

The educational offer includes two activities that are strictly linked to the Farm: Horse care and feeding; From seed to bread, to enjoy all the steps of bread-making.

Marina Coppi vineyards

The aim of our activity is to get children to know the life in the countryside, the land and its fruits; we describe our «work» through a visit to the vineyards and to our cellar.

Piovera Castle

The programme includes the visit to the castle, from the undergrounds to the tower, the visit to the old barns, today the museum of objects belonging to peasant and artisan past.

Traversa Giuseppe Farm

The farm covers almost 7 hectares under vineyards and other fruit trees, arable crops. The area offers several naturalistic and historical features, which will be illustrated during the visit.

Cuniolo Emanuel Farm Business

The farm is situated between the towns of Valenza and Alessandria, Valmadonna hamlet. It is tucked away in the hills and enjoys a spectacular view; it is surrounded by tall trees.

Podere La Rossa holiday farm

The educational activity takes place from 9:30 am to 1 pm and 2:30 to 3:30 pm. School groups will follow, alternating, four laboratories divided into groups.

Assandri Franco farm business

The animal farm: the municipality of Alessandria has many breeding farms welcoming school groups, we are one of these farms.

Andrea Mutti farm business

Half-day or whole day teaching programmes: The passing of the seasons, Agriculture as the key player of nature preservation, Farmland appraisal, agronomy, arboriculture laboratories.

L'Aurora farm business

The horse: get to know the horse, learn more about ethology and basics of riding. The vegetable garden: we will visit farmhouse vegetable garden. The dogs: we will learn how to relate with dogs. The animals of the farm.

Nicoletta Calandra farm business

Nicoletta Calandra Farm covers about 30 hectares of land, 6 hectares cultivated with Tortona Hill DOC (Controlled designation of origin) vineyards, producing Barbera, Dolcetto, Croatina, Freisa, Merlot and Timorasso grapes.

Cascina Saviola farm business

The importance and usefulness of hedges is carefully described, paying special attention to the integration of plant organisms and animals, and to useful insect welfare.

Cascina Zenevrea farm business

Available laboratories: From the garden to the table, Aromatic herbs, How the bread was made, The farm animals, Grape harvest, A walk in the vineyards, fields and orchard, The wood, Charm among fairy tales and nature, Green energy.

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