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Teaching Programme

Half-day or whole day teaching programmes.
The passing of the seasons
Educational activity for Pre-, Primary and Secondary schools. Walking in the vineyard, in the peach orchard and in the wood, boys and girls take a careful look to the changes of nature through the passing of seasons. To better enjoy the activities and the games, we suggest a visit structured in two parts: one in autumn and the other in spring.
Agriculture as the key player of nature preservation
Educational activity for Secondary and High schools. Environmental education project about farmer’s role in land preservation (held by Agricultural science, Economy, Jurisprudence and Environmental policy specialists).
Farmland appraisal, agronomy, arboriculture laboratories
Special field exercises for Surveyor, Agrotechnician, Agronomist High Schools (held by Agricultural science specialists).
Participants: minimum 20-maximum 50 people.

Prices: 5 euros per head for each educational activity. In case of whole day, children can eat a packed lunch or, on demand, they can take advantage of a cold buffet in a holiday farm near here.
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The Farm

Since time immemorial Mutti's family property, this Farm lies at Sarezzano, in the beautiful hills at the southeast end of Piedmont region and Alessandria province Pre-Apennines. The area of Tortona is cultivated with vineyards and peach orchards; Mutti's farm is a good example of this: a total of 19 hectares of land, 14 hectares covered by vineyards and 4 hectares by peach orchards. The activity has reached the fourth generation and it is now run by Andrea Mutti who, awarded a degree in agricultural sciences in 1990, oenology master degree in 2000, Viticulture and oenology degree in 2006 (Catholic University of Piacenza), today aims more than ever to enhance the cultivated product.
The educational activity is intended for Primary, Secondary and High schools. The farm is provided with covered outdoor area. Availability to give a class lesson.

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Andrea Mutti farm business

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