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Teaching Programme

The project is intended for pre-school children, little considered so far for the several, interesting and exciting events organized by the network of services to enhance childhood culture. Being the lowest age group and considered that the main purpose is to ensure child psychophysical well-being, different micro-projects are implemented to encourage excellent cognitive relational development.
The educational farm allows very young children to behave and experience, to encourage their creativity playing with nature and its colours. Through an integrating background, recreational itineraries are developed to get children to know nature and agriculture, never losing sight of psycho-pedagogical indicators.
The project requires at least two or three appointments, to be agreed with the teachers, one in the school, one or two in the educational farm. There will be also a laboratory to teach children how to make bread. Activities take place in the morning. The farm can be visited and, if agreed, it is also possible to take a walk along Po river banks, where the farm is positioned.

Prices: 5 euros (teachers not included). Schools can provide children with mid-morning snacks.
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The Farm

On Po river banks, Armanda and Federico are pleased to welcome the guests in their biodynamic farm with nicely and originally furnished apartments (television, phone, air conditioning, indoor garage and large car park), ideal for families with children. Federico is engaged with biodynamic agriculture, that is to say he employs a technique using biodynamic preparations, made with natural substances, adequate cultivation practices, crop rotation and mixed green manures. This generates more life and less soil erosion, more health and more tasty products (high-quality), as well as a better and more habitable environment. Along the river, paths can be walked through or cycled. Organic product breakfasts. Swimming pool, playground, table-tennis and bicycles.

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Nuova Farmhouse

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