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Teaching Programme

Hedge path
The importance and usefulness of hedges, and the identification of their different extracts, is carefully described, paying special attention to the integration of plant organisms and animals, and to useful insect welfare. We suggest to take a walk and see how plants change during the seasons; we examine the buds in spring, wild fruits and berries in autumn.
Useful bird path: the swallows
The old cattleshed is full of swallow nests, populated from the middle of March until autumn. In the new barn swallows do not build nests. Why? The answer is rural architecture differences. During the visit, we talk about useful birds, insectivores that are farmer’s allies and how to lure them, how to give them nests where to reproduce and food for winter bitter cold days.
Herb path:
Visit to the wildlife garden. Laboratory for herb identification through the five senses, their use for feeding purposes.
The laboratory of flowers and herbs
Children can use their creativity with the flowers and the plants picked in the garden and in the fields of the farm.

Prices: half-day, 4 euros; whole day, 8 euros. Covered outdoor spaces and meadows are available to play freely..
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The Farm

Cascina Saviola farm is situated in a quite position, within a faunal area where it is possible to catch sight of game. Plantations are organically grown (EC regulation no. 2092/92) and are typical of the lowlands: cereals (wheat and corn) for flour production, fodder fields, seasonal vegetables, aromatic and officinal plants. The farm raises courtyard animals.

Azienda Agricola Nicoletta Calandra
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Cascina Saviola farm business

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