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Teaching Programme

Nature in only one food, bring the honey on the table . With this project, through an observational beehive, children can learn about this charming and organised world. The visit to the apiary, and the opening of a hive, enables to see the flights of bees, their social structure (queen bee, worker bees and drones), to learn more about beehive natural and original products (honey, pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly). The visit to the honey workshop enables to ascertain the naturalness of this honey obtained only by mechanical means, without manipulation. Together we learn about honey: the colour, the scent, the taste of different honeys. The farm provides suitable protective clothing. Children must wear long trousers (preferably jeans), long socks and plastic or rubber gloves.

The tastes and the colours of Autumn
Spending a day in the vineyard during grape-harvest is an unforgettable experience. All together the children discover and cut the bunches, taste the grapes: barbera, cortese, dolcetto and dessert grapes; they observe the colour hues and savour flavours and scents. It is possible to end the itinerary with a visit to Viticoltori del Tortonese-Cantina Sociale di Tortona old cellar, in order to observe the different steps of the transformation of grapes into wine (from grape pressing to bottling). Owners are available to one hour lesson. There is also the opportunity to arrange a visit to the museum-studio of Giuseppe Pellizza at Volpedo. The painter transformed the agricultural world into art (the entire day is required, the packed lunch is not provided by the farm).

Prices: half-day guided tours (8.30-12.30), 4 euros per head. Changes to be agreed from time to time.
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The Farm

Our farm lies in Tortona gentle hills, it covers 6 hectares of vineyard with good exposure and 2 hectares of mixed orchard, where fragrant fruits are picked ripe and directly marketed. We maintain bees and hives are located in ecosystems away from pollution sources; honey naturalness indeed starts from the nectar.

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Gulminetti Maria Carla Farm Business

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