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Teaching Programme

The horse: getting to know the horse, learning more about ethology and basics of riding. Depending on the season, we move to mountain pasture or to low grazing lands to get to know the free-living horses. We learn about how they live and how to relate with them. In the farm, boys and girls can mount horses, try to keep one’s balance and test their involvement with the animal.
The vegetable garden: we visit farm vegetable garden, learn how to distinguish the different plants and the best way to grow them. Children can also create their own seed-bed to bring with them to school.
The dogs: we learn how to relate with dogs, to understand their «language» in order to build a safe and nice relationship. In so doing, children overcome fears and prejudices. Through simple exercises, we learn the basics of companion and working dog training.
The animals of the farm: we get to know all together the animals of the farm (horses, sheep, chickens, etc.) and we discuss about the «breeding code of ethics». Our animals graze freely for most of the year, in order to respect their nature as far as we can.
Our mountains: we take a walk from mount Giarolo to mount Panà to get to know wild flora and fauna, learn how to respect nature and understand how important is wood and uncultivated land upkeep. We see grazing horses and understand how important it is for wood upkeep (minimum age is 8 years old).
Different paths can be combined: within the same day, depending on needs, paths can be adapted, according to available time and difficulties, from pre-school to secondary school children; there will also be artistic and recreational activities relating to the above topics.
Summer camps: Children from 3 to 13 years of age can attend one-week summer camps, minimum 6 participants. The main activities are those described above, plus one day spent in the stream Borbera, one night in the wood and other activities changing every year.
Please see additional activities on farm website: www.fattoriaaurora.it

Prices: half-day, 6 euros; whole day, 8 euros. Animal and Mount paths: 2 euros must be added for the chairlift. Participant minimum age: 8 years old; if this is not the case, they must be accompanied.
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The Farm

The founder and person in charge of the centre, Matteo Ornati, a horse breeding expert, together with Caterina Bernardi (primary training sciences degree, with two-year experience as a teacher) works at L'Aurora Farm making his experience, competence and passion available for wild breeding and young, adult, old, healthy and poor health horses care. The farmhouse lies at Caldirola (1100 m above sea level), about one hour drive away from Milan or Genoa. It is tucked away in Northern Apennines unspoiled fauna, surrounded by woods of beeches, pines, firs, oaks and wonderful grazing lands. Boys and girls are carefully monitored to get in touch with our natural and agricultural territory.

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