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Teaching Programme

We welcome everybody as if they were friends, detailing our farm history. Hospitality is the essence of peasant culture and we hold this practice very dear to our hearts. Food and environmental educational path for cultural growth. The aim is to educate to a smart food consumption for a better quality of life, to regain rural life values and traditions in a non-polluted environment. Children get acquainted with its animals: pigs, calves, cows, rabbits, chickens, sheep in wild and semi-wild conditions. Animal organic feed is distributed after preparation (milling and blending) and that allows to detail animal methods of treatment and feeding.

Multidisciplinary learning path in English (optional), enhanced by native language teachers for different levels of language knowledge. Children will pick up stones and herbs during the visit to the farm: fields, vineyards, small lake, woods. They will learn how to identify the most common plants. During the visit to farm machines, the subject matter will concern field modern methods of farming and product mechanical harvesting. Farm product tasting provides the opportunity to talk about organic farming, for general well-being in harmony with nature. Tennis courts, five aside football pitches, beach soccer and beach volley courts, bowling green are available, in addition to the possibility to fish in the lake and go trekking with donkeys. Wide external spaces are excellent for team sports and appealing outdoor lessons.

Prices: whole path, 6 euros per head (morning); 12 euros per head (morning and afternoon, lunch included).
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The Farm

The Farm lies on the left bank of the stream Grue, Tortona hills, at about 300 m above sea level. It covers a mixed area of 75 hectares: animal husbandry – cereal growing – vineyarding.

The closed-loop livestock sector is farm feather in the cap, many are the selected organically bred herds of cattle (about 400 pigs and 120 cows). They are raised in semi-wild grazing lands surrounded by vineyards and woods. Here you can find also a small lake with carps. Beef and pig meats, from animals born in the farm and organically raised, become flavoursome processed cured meat put up for sale in the farm outlet.

La Capanna Farm Business
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La Capanna Farm Business

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