La Pederbona Livestock Farm Business

Teaching Programme

(The programme is adjusted to students age)
Dairy cow livestock: how to know the cows: understand why their environment is important, what and how much they eat, their habits and see how and where they are milked.
Get to know the milk: milk itinerary within the farm, its composition, why it is so important, its features and the controls to be made for a high-quality product.

Transformation plant
Ice-cream: we will inspect the steps to produce ice-cream with the old machine and the modern one; we will consider the quality of craft products and the importance of ingredient selection. We will see the transformation of milk into ice-cream and of yogurt into ice-cream.
Yogurt: we will see how to produce it and prepare all together the yogurt we desire.

Half-day (visit to the farm only), 5 euros per head (teachers not included). Whole day (visit to the farm + laboratory) with packed lunch (provided by the school), 8 euros per head (teachers not included). In both cases, we will offer a tasty ice-cream to everybody!
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The Farm

In 1969, our family bought La Pederbona, until then only a farm, and in a short time it became a dairy cow livestock. Nowadays, we have 1150 animals and 530 cows supply 170 hundred kilos of milk that we then distribute through Cooperativa della Centrale del Latte of Alessandria and Asti. Come and discover this wonderful world: you can pet the calves and there's also a good chance to see the birth of one of them.

La Pederbona Livestock Farm Business
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La Pederbona Livestock Farm Business

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