Marina Coppi vineyards

Teaching Programme

The aim of our activity is to get children to know the life in the countryside, the land and its fruits, we therefore describe our «work» through a visit to the vineyards and to our cellar, together with the video projection of our activity development. In addition, we suggest to go and see the mausoleum and the house of Fausto Coppi.
We personalize the visits according to the age of the school group and to school programme.

CPrices: 5 euros + VAT per head (half-day). 8 euros + VAT per head (whole day). Availability of a space for packed lunch. Visits to the Mausoleum and Coppi's house are included. Teachers and guides are free of charge.
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The Farm

Our approach to the world of wine is linked to the dream of bringing Castellania to new life. This small village was the birthplace of my grandfather, Fausto: an unpolluted environment just a few steps away from the towns, a place that has something unique to tell, that is part of our history.
We just started from there, from the awareness to obtain from that land and those vineyards excellent grapes. To be respectful of tradition, we decided to plant exclusively autochthonous vine varieties, that is to say those cultivated in oldest times in our hills.
Our farm is a family business, covering only a few hectares; the challenge is first of all quality, with direct cultivation and grape hand picking. Our wines are the synthesis of modern winemaking techniques, care and expertise of people who love and know since forever these vineyards.

Marina Coppi vineyards
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Marina Coppi vineyards

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  • 15051 Catellania (AL) - Piedmont - Italy
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