Ranch Campreia Farm Business

Programma didattico

Farm projects welcome the guests as follows:
· Guided tour during which animals are described together with their behaviour.
· Knowledge about different eggs, brooding time, their use for cooking.
· Agricultural tools used for growing fodder and cereals.
· Get to know the horse and understand its language.
· We listen in silence the noises of the farm…and distinguish the sounds of the animals.
· We brush and ride the she-ass Natalina and pet bunnies.

Projects to be agreed with the teachers:
1. Tale of the grain of wheat and the four-season tree – We prepare the unleavened bread, the so-called "piadina".
2. Identification of culinary and edible weeds. Herbarium.
3. We find out the similarities between the tale of The Little Prince and vegetable garden plant care ("It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important"). We plant a seed.
4. "Nature that nourishes". We play: fruits and vegetables can be unattractive but good to eat.
5. Our friend scarecrow, Pasqualino, walks us through a sensory itinerary… we will enjoy fragrant pop-corns.
6. We will explore the magic world of light and colours and the chromotherapy. We will paint field stones, wood, fabrics, cards, etc. with creativity (whole day itinerary).
7. "Not only cured meat". We learn how to make soap using pork fat (whole day itinerary).

Prices: whole day, 10 euros per head (lunch not included). Half-day, 5 euros per head.
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The Farm

Ranch Campreia ("Stone field") is a farm where animals live in freedom, respect each other and… "love each other!"

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Ranch Campreia Farm Business

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