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Teaching Programme

Fruit harvesting and storing. Children will come with us in the orchards to pick fruits (pears and apples), following all the passages from the field to the warehouse. Time: end of September – first half of October.

Taste laboratory. Fruits and the different farming methods (traditional, integrated, biological). Let’s learn about apple and pear varieties through observation and tasting. All the senses are involved to appreciate and understand the importance of healthy nutrition. Recommended time: October - February.

From flower to fruit. Also the flowers on tree branches are pollinated by bees; when flowers grow into fruits, they take care of the seeds inside. Recommended time: April - May.

Go hunting the insects in the orchard. Journey to the discovery of insect amazing world (useful, harmless and harmful: entomological classification): their life, their secrets, insect traps for fruit growing. Recommended time: March - June.

The history of seed. We examine and describe seed germination (with information sheets and drawings); we plant the seed in «recycled» pots (we learn how to use different kind of containers). Recommended time: March - June.

Paint with fruits. Children will create a decorated bag to take home with them. They can take their packed lunch and play in a wide unspoilt vegetation area.

Prices: only laboratory, 5 euros per head. Additional cost for packed lunch (provided by the school), 2 euros per head. Teachers, guides and people with disabilities are free of charge.
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The Farm

The farm covers about 70 hectares of land along the river Tanaro, all cultivated with organic farming methods. Pears are the main crop, we grow several varieties of pears. We are also increasing the production of some varieties of apples, Fuji, Braeburn and Gala, and of Marabel potato.

Our main purpose is to produce fruits and vegetables which are good to eat. For this reason, we switched to organic farming, fertilizing exclusively with quality-controlled farmyard manure and using crop natural protection products, which allow to recreate the balance between parasite and predator within plant natural environment.

Our farming philosophy is the respect for nature, for its observation and for the research of its balance, even if we replaced sledge and animal-drawn vehicles with modern machines and electronics. Our challenge is product quality continuous improvement. People who are experienced in agriculture and are used to struggle with the «moods» of our land know that this is not at all obvious.

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