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Teaching Programme

The tree and me. A two-stage journey including the town, the countryside and the river, to learn more about the trees closest to us. We will define the reasons of their selection together with the basics for proper upkeep. A walk across the new ring road and along the river bank, takes to an intensive farming area, typical of the Po Valley, where grain fields alternate with corn, soy, potato or alfalfa fields, depending on yearly crop rotations. Here we are to the river Bormida; its riversides with lush spontaneous vegetation hinder flora and fauna secret world. Once described the most important species, children return to the farmhouse and, weather permitting, release their creative energy drawing and describing their impressions. «The tree and me» also includes the opportunity to visit, a little at a time, a vegetable garden next to the wood where children can see and know directly the green vegetables that we normally find on our tables and know about how to prepare the land, what to use to fertilize, how and when to harvest. Moreover, it is possible to visit the Municipal Botanical Garden, situated close to the farmhouse. Teachers are recommended to join this project not only in Spring but also in Autumn, so that children can appreciate and better understand the differences among the seasons.

Prices: 5 euros per head.
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The Farm

The farm is very old and the main feature is the furnace: built in the 19th century, it is now the only one of the neighbourhood. The kiln produced the bricks to build most of the buildings in the town of Alessandria. Traditional cultivations are grown in rotation: alfalfa, cereal products, potatoes, soy.

It's quite a few years since a wood has been planted and today it is rather large: the wood surrounds the farm and it includes about a dozen of trees; it is an important and unique didactic element of this area, it is essential for CO2 (carbon dioxide) absorption as well. There is also the possibility to take a walk on the bank, enabling to reach the river walking along the fields.

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Bausone Maria Teresa Farm Business

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