Holiday farms in the area of Novi Ligure

The farm lies between Novi Ligure and Villalvernia, 2 km away from the river Scrivia. Old convent made into a farmhouse in the 17th century and extended in the 19th century by Negrotto Cambiaso Genoese old family. The farmhouse is surrounded by tall trees, cultivated fields and it houses a stud farm. It is situated among Gavi wine hills, Garbagna and Scrivia Valley.
The holiday farm lies in Gavi wine hills, at the heart of La Marchesa holding, covering 76 hectares of land 58 of which are cultivated with vineyards. Guests are welcomed in 12 rooms with old pieces of furniture; there is also a lake and a traditional restaurant.

The farm lies at the foot of Tortona hills, there where Fraschetta plain starts near the towns of Novi Ligure, Alessandria and Tortona. Here you can enjoy homemade cooking in a cosy setting. Mainly dishes with the meat of the family farms. In the neighbourhood, there are many castles and old Rivalta Scrivia Abbey to visit.

Situated in the immediate vicinity of old Libarna and Monte Spineto Sanctuary, the farm covers 9 hectares of land with farmhouses dating back to the 17th/19th century. It has an English garden with more than one hundred varieties of roses, a nursery of iris flowers.
An holiday farm, in the hilly landscape of Alto Monferrato with wineyards of Gavi Cortese's wine. The rural residence lodging the holiday farm is newly renovated with wood ceilings and exposed stone pillars.

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